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Curtains Too The SQL

Curtains Too The SQL


Software Updates

exe zip/pdf
Main Application (19/07/19 @ 14:22)
LACE join and borrow application importer (AutoLace) (19/07/19 @ 17:32)
Report Files ( 10/06/19 @ 15:22 )
F1 Help Files
Exception Report Component
Peripheral Installation Tool
DWP Reporting Templates
Updated LP/LS Report (November 2014)
Interest Calculator
SMS Application (13/07/18)
SMS Application-no interface (27/09/16)
Show My PC / Teamviewer
KeshoWeb website manager ( 24/06/19 )

Useful Guides

exe zip/pdf
Curtains Too Brochure
User Manual
Year End Guide (2017/18)
Daily Tasks Guide
Quick Reference Guide
Universal Credit/Jam Jar guide
FRS102 Mapping template / Tutorial (read this first)
FRS 102 - The end result!  
Scanning - DLL Registration Help  
G.D.P.R. Data cleansing tutorial  
Export to PDF resolution - uninstall Windows Update Ref: KB3102429    
watch download notes
Quarterly & Annual Return Guide 2016/17 (updated Aug 2017)

Online User Manual

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